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Marin/San Francisco Ferry Commute Times

Golden Gate Ferry – Commute Times

The Golden Gate Ferry embarks out of 3 Marin locations every day as a great alternative to sitting in traffic. You can catch one at Larkspur, Sausalito, or Tiburon to travel in style, or catch up with a power nap. Customers must pay for parking at the Larkspur Terminal between 5am and 1pm during the weekdays. The Sausalito and Tiburon locations have paid parking lots nearby.

If you don’t have a ticket or Clipper card, plan to arrive at the terminal at least 20 minutes before departure to allow yourself time to purchase your ticket. Here are the approximate travel times via ferry:
Larkspur → SF = 50 minutes
Tiburon → SF = 30 minutes
Sausalito → SF = 30 minutes

Guide dogs and other working service animals are always permitted on Golden Gate Ferry. Other animals and pets are also permitted aboard, provided they are in, and remain in, airline-approved hand-carried containers. Passengers are responsible for handling their own luggage, personal belongings, and pet carriers.
There are also a variety of snacks available aboard including chips, pastries, and even alcoholic beverages.

I often find potential buyers don’t realize that Tiburon has a ferry which runs to SF. You can avoid the backup on Tiburon Blvd. with the ferry it’s a great alternative and opens up the market for upper end buyers and condo buyers. Tiburon is one of the slower markets in Marin so there is opportunity there.

Here’s what people are saying about the ferry:
“What a great way to get to the Giants game from Larkspur. The ferry drops off at the SF ferry building….The ferry ride in the morning was a calm ride. We sat outside at the back of the boat. The spray was minimal. We got a great view of San Quentin and approaching view of SF. Plus the ferry has a bar. They were serving up beer, coffee, bag o chips, and doughnuts. They were serving up beer at 10am. Ohh.”
“Rode the Golden Gate ferry for the first time today and I must say I liked it. I was making my way to Larkspur, California to catch a ride to San Rafael and in turn to catch the SMART train. It was not a bad decision at all. Sure beats being blocked in SF and Richmond traffic for many minutes. The ferry has a great schedule that meets my demands. I must declare despite the fare being a little tough, it was well worth the ride. I got a great view of the entire city of San Francisco from my window. The seats are real comfortable and there are plenty of areas to choose from. Most people would be on their phones all the time during the ride but I’d like to take in the view. You can see everything from Alcatraz to downtown Oakland and the Golden Gate Bridge. The ride is smooth which is perfect for some stress free me time.”

“Great outing when I have out of town visitors wanting to explore without SF traffic! Kids love it and cost is reasonable considering parking costs and hassle of driving within the city. Ferry is clean and kid friendly – hold on to them :)”

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