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The Marin County Real Estate Market

Agent talk;

The current topic, not surprisingly, is lack of inventory. We don’t see the properties hitting the market that we hoped to see. There is a large buyer pool seeking homes right now, with not enough owners selling. We are also seeing condo prices rising considerably where they were flat lining, in some cases for years.  In addition many sales are happening off market, where the property never hits the web-Zillow, or Trulia.

The other interesting factor coming up, is the fact that things have not seasonally slowed down, as they have in the past three years. Open houses are still getting a great deal of traffic. The vacationing factor is not in play as it has been in years past. Buyers however are still being more selective and if the home is not turn key or close to it are waiting to see what happens after the offer date, before venturing forth with an offer.

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