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Why Buy a New or Previously-Owned Home?

Why Buy a New or Previously-Owned Home?

This is one of the most basic question to consider when you in the market for a new home. Your own answer will depend on your financial needs, priorities about energy efficiency, and your personal lifestyle preferences.

Here are a couple thoughts to keep in mind:

Buying a new home

  • Fresh and clean. The most obvious benefit is that it is a NEW home, untouched with you as its first family.
  • Opportunity to customize the home. With new homes, there is the possibility that you can ensure it has the style and features you want.
  • Avoid repairs and renovation. In new homes, everything should be in good working condition. It may be years before you have to update or make any major repairs.
  • Energy efficiency. Many new homes have the latest amenities, including energy efficient features and appliances as part of the design.
  • Amenities of living in a new community. Newer neighborhoods may offer community benefits, such as playgrounds, pools, clubhouses and walking trails.

Buying a previously-owned home

  • Better price. You may be able to negotiate a better deal with a seller versus a developer, especially if they have to move within a set time frame.
  • Better overall value. When you negotiate with a seller, they may agree to include a home warranty, appliances and other items with the deal.
  • Better, more central location. Previously-owned homes are usually centrally located with many local amenities nearby that were built about the neighborhood.
  • Established school districts. These homes have already been mapped out to which school districts they belong to. Newer communities may not be clearly defined.
  • Charm and character. Older homes may offer unique architecture and features, as well as a certain “lived-in” charm.

Another thing to keep in mind, is in Marin County there is not much new construction and when there is it tends to draw more affluent buyers and so drives up the price of the home. New construction is a Hot Commodity here in Marin!

Whatever choice you make, Team O’Brien is here to answer any questions.

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