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Noe Valley

With its many urban professionals with young families, Noe Valley has earned the nickname “Stroller Valley.” A centrally-located, upper-middle-class neighborhood, Noe Valley doesn’t offer much nightlife but does provide plenty of small-town charm.

Nestled against Twin Peaks, Noe Valley is partly insulated from the coastal fog and winds and enjoys a warmer, sunnier climate than the surrounding areas. Restaurants, artisan shops, breezy cafes, a weekly farmer’s market, and even a few low-key bars line 24th Street. Like most San Francisco neighborhoods, driving may not be ideal here, but much of the community is walkable, and there are ample public transportation options.

Developed substantially following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, Noe Valley is a prime example of the Victorian and Edwardian architecture for which San Francisco is famous. Housing isn’t cheap, and most residents own their own homes. If you’re looking for a place that feels more like a tight-knit community than a bustling city, Noe Valley may be the spot for you.