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Potrero Hill

If you crave sunshine, picture-perfect views of the San Francisco skyline and its bay, and a laid-back community, then Potrero Hill may be the place for you. Although its limited tourism ensures locals have peace and quiet, the neighborhood’s bustling 18th Street has no shortage of restaurants, cafes, and shopping to keep residents entertained. If you seek more adventure, Potrero Hill is a stone’s throw from livelier communities and provides access to two freeways.

Tinkering with Potrero Hill’s generally predictable lifestyle is the youthful energy provided by students attending the nearby California College of Art, California Culinary Academy, and many of the local live music venues. Film and television crews have also frequented the neighborhood to capture its breathtaking skyline for posterity. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a public library and numerous bookstores cater to the avid reader, above-average schools appeal to family residents, and the many businesses established here offer employment opportunities close to home.

Potrero Hill’s architecture offers a visual history of its decades-long housing development, and you’ll find everything from cozy cottages and Victorians to sprawling mansions and large-scale condominiums. It’s also generally more affordable than neighboring communities. If you prefer a modest setting without sacrificing variety, then consider Potrero Hill for your next address.